SAX provides a class called “HandlerBase” that implements the callbacks and provides default implementations of the callback methods. The service provides information from a database of global patent applications and claims, allowing search for existing rights to inventions and technologies. said base parser is further adapted to convert an event into a Java object. This single method, such as for example streamParseSome( ), can put all the XML events generated by this call onto the stream. This gives the programmer more procedural control over the processing of the XML document. When parsing XML, it is necessary to get data from the XML file and transform the data such that the data can be handled by a Java application or other application running the parser. means for reading the XML document using a base parser and generating a series of XML events, each XML event associated with an element in the XML document; means for constructing an event stream from the series of XML event; and. The base parser iterates over XML Elements, which can then be encapsulated in the Element class. Particularly, IFI Claims protects intellectual property of scientific discovery using a... SureChem is a chemical patent search engine. The selected XML parser reads the XML and converts it into an object that a Java application can read. Various people have come up with the functionality, and bulk data re: USPTO trademarks are available as well. using a scanner to read the XML document and generate tokens for use by the base parser. computer code for allowing a user to request specific XML events by calling a parsing method, the parsing method placing events selected by the user onto the event stream. A SAX developer needs to extend the HandlerBase class and implement methods that require the insertion of specific logic. The revolutionary patent analysis tools in LexisNexis PatentAdvisor® help you implement the best possible prosecution strategy to achieve success.Predict your patent prosecution outcome with the most accurate and comprehensive patent analysis software in the industry. An API is an Application Programming Interface. This can be too restrictive for most application needs. Access through the Google Custom Search API with the API flag for patents reported to be &tbm=pts with example code for using the API in Python.. SOAP is a lightweight XML protocol, which can provide both synchronous and asynchronous mechanisms for sending requests between applications. Access to Lens Patent API provides programmatic access to the full corpus of Lens Patent MetaRecords using the flexibility and convenience of a REST API. From many of our API profiles, you can find your way to related SDKs, Tutorials, and sample source code for consuming those APIs. Programmatic access via a set of Java API, based on SOAP protocol, to the publication documents available in the document tab, under series called “Published International Application”, of the PATENTSCOPE search engine. The Google Patent Search API has been deprecated. A streaming API can be implemented on top of an existing XML parser. These calls cannot be done in a timely manner if the XML parser is slow. Please use EFS-Web to file those unavailable ePetitions. Some of the main benefits of this style of XML document processing are that it is efficient, flexible, and relatively low level. The USPTO OCE - Patent Examination Status Codes API provides developers with access to descriptions for 225 application status codes. API Portfolio. The following applications are cross-referenced and incorporated herein by reference: U.S. patent application No. A public access point to an XML processor can take the form of an interface, such as an XMLEventStream interface. The scanner enforces many of the XML specification constraints, such as checking whether characters are valid or elements are well-formed. Systems and methods in accordance with the present invention utilize a streaming API to provide an efficient way of handling XML documents that is uniquely suited to the runtime needs of an application server. allow a user to request specific XML events by calling a parsing method, the parsing method placing events selected by the user onto the event stream. Inventors are encouraged to search the USPTO's patent database to see if a patent has already been filed or granted that is similar to your patent. SAX support can also be handled in a SAXDriver class, for example, which can generate SAX events and implement an XMLReader class from SAX. A scanner can be used to deal with the low-level reading of XML and to generate tokens for the base parser, which consumes the tokens. The base parser can enforce higher-level well-formedness constraints, such as proper element nesting and proper namespace declaration and scoping. Unified Patent Court: The Unified Patent Court API allows developers to write data to and access data from the Unified Patent Court (UPC) content management system. The API enables clients to automate internal processes and offers an effective technical solution to deliver valuable patent data to end-users in a customisable, secure way that suits your existing corporate workflows. Patents: 4: REST: NASA Patents: NASA's Patents API gives users access to a dataset of NASA patents. The USPTO PTAB (Beta) API allows developers to browse Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) public documents, search for specific content, and download PTAB content in bulk. Events cannot be requested as they are needed, but are instead pushed to the user only as the events occur. As described above, DOM utilizes an in-memory tree structure including nodes to represent elements, attributes, and other XML constructs. Owner name: Provisional Patent Application No. The JAXP classes typically sit on top of an existing parser. The PatSnap Connect API returns data for intellectual property, research and development, strategy and business, and life sciences. XML messages passing between applications contain tags with self-describing text. With DOM, JAXP does not have to fire callbacks as it does for SAX, instead being responsible only for returning a DOM document object as a result of parsing. The streaming parser gives parsing control to the programmer by exposing a simple iteration-based API to the programmer. A portion of the disclosure of this patent document contains material which is subject to copyright protection. This includes both held and pending patents. JAXP does not provide parsing functionality, but provides a way to get to XML parsers. To a parser, a token is a string of characters that functions as a unit, which is typically as small as possible. The key is to provide code for these various callbacks, then allow a parser to trigger the callbacks as necessary. The “Office action” is a written notification to the applicant of the examiner’s decision on patentability. 1 illustrates an event stream, with methods being used to manipulate the current position in the stream. Assigned to ORACLE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, Use of codes for handling textual entities, Adaptation of the text data for streaming purposes, e.g. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks, which are then put together by the programmer. For example, Web/Internet APIs, browser APIs, and certain product APIs. FIG. Google Patents. The “
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