The Greeks this time sallied forth from the wall to meet the Persians in the wider part of the pass, in an attempt to slaughter as many Persians as they could. [121] A full 40 years after the battle, Leonidas' bones were returned to Sparta, where he was buried again with full honours; funeral games were held every year in his memory. Xerxes found the scout's reports of the size of the Greek force, and that the Spartans were indulging in callisthenics and combing their long hair, laughable. [36] By early 480 BC, the preparations were complete, and the army which Xerxes had mustered at Sardis marched towards Europe, crossing the Hellespont on two pontoon bridges. [111], Following Thermopylae, the Persian army proceeded to sack and burn Plataea and Thespiae, the Boeotian cities that had not submitted, before it marched on the now evacuated city of Athens and accomplished the Achaemenid destruction of Athens. The pass at Thermopylae was a superb place to withstand an attack. usurper and had spent considerable time extinguishing revolts against his rule. [94] A Persian force of 10,000 men, comprising light infantry and cavalry, charged at the front of the Greek formation. [129] However, under pressure from the Athenians, the Peloponnesians eventually agreed to try to force Mardonius to battle, and they marched on Attica. One of which is a statue of King Leonidas I, portrayed as bearing a spear, and shield. Two minors have been arrested over the savage bashing of a 52-year-old stationmaster at Omonia…, Starlings Entertainment has announced that two high profile series projects are in advanced stages of…, Maria Sakkari under quarantine before Australian open, Two minors arrested over ‘cowardly attack’ on Metro stationmaster, New ‘Alexander the Great’ series in advanced stages of development, Olympic gold medalist Sofia Bekatorou claims she was sexually assaulted by official, Nick Giannopoulos announces his dad has passed away aged 88, Amazon Web Services announces launch of Athens office, Turkey outdoes itself: Commits to military exercises in the Aegean until December with new NAVTEX’s, Ice sculpture replica of Odeon of Herodes Atticus at China’s Harbin Ice Festival. A variant of the epigram is inscribed on the Polish Cemetery at Monte Cassino. [105] The Thespians, resolved as they were not to submit to Xerxes, faced the destruction of their city if the Persians took Boeotia. [56] Some Peloponnesians suggested withdrawal to the Isthmus of Corinth and blocking the passage to Peloponnesus. The open wing symbolizes the victory, the glory, the soul, the spirit and the freedom. Leonidas. Screenplay by Wendell Mayes, based on the novel "Incident at Muc Wa" by Daniel Ford. [113] As the Immortals approached, the Greeks withdrew and took a stand on a hill behind the wall. While many of the Greeks took him up on his offer and fled, around two thousand soldiers stayed behind to fight and die. [citation needed]. A sign, under the statue, reads simply: "Μολὼν λαβέ" ("Come and take them! What is another name for a Greek city-state? The number of Persian troops present at Thermopylae is therefore as uncertain as the number for the total invasion force. A well-known epigram, usually attributed to Simonides, was engraved as an epitaph on a commemorative stone placed on top of the burial mound of the Spartans at Thermopylae. Vegetation is scarce and consists of low, thorny shrubs. It is also the hill on which the last of them died. [80], It is often claimed that at the time, the pass of Thermopylae consisted of a track along the shore of the Malian Gulf so narrow that only one chariot could pass through at a time. According to Herodotus[52][68] and Diodorus Siculus,[69] the Greek army included the following forces: Pausanias' account agrees with that of Herodotus (whom he probably read) except that he gives the number of Locrians, which Herodotus declined to estimate. Start studying Greece -Thermopylae. [54], Finally, in mid-August, the Persian army was sighted across the Malian Gulf approaching Thermopylae. Herodotus reports that the Phocians had improved the defences of the pass by channelling the stream from the hot springs to create a marsh, and it was a causeway across this marsh which was only wide enough for a single chariot to traverse. He added that if Xerxes ever managed to subdue the Spartans, "there is no other nation in all the world which will venture to lift a hand in their defence. 1 decade ago. [48] It was also the time of the Olympic Games, and therefore the Olympic truce, and thus it would have been doubly sacrilegious for the whole Spartan army to march to war. As discussed in Immediate Consequences , the rear-guard and battle in general were very successful in temporarily delaying the progress of the invasion across Central Greece. [110] The likelihood is that these were the Theban "loyalists", who unlike the majority of their fellow citizens, objected to Persian domination. At sea a detachment of 200 Persian ships attempted to surprise the Greek fleet, but the Greeks, forewarned, engaged the main Persian navy. [77] The major weak point for the Greeks was the mountain track which led across the highland parallel to Thermopylae, that could allow their position to be outflanked. As Holland puts it, "in short...we will never know. [114] The Thebans "moved away from their companions, and with hands upraised, advanced toward the barbarians..." (Rawlinson translation), but a few were slain before their surrender was accepted. The Battle of Thermopylae, 480 BC, was a battle in the second Persian invasion of Greece. 300. Favorite Answer. Thereupon the Spartans sent these men to Media for execution." [114] The king later had the Theban prisoners branded with the royal mark. [131], Thermopylae is arguably the most famous battle in European ancient history, repeatedly referenced in ancient, recent, and contemporary culture. [6], Later that day, however, as the Persian king was pondering what to do next, he received a windfall; a Trachinian named Ephialtes informed him of the mountain path around Thermopylae and offered to guide the Persian army. [104] The Phocians retreated to a nearby hill to make their stand (assuming the Persians had come to attack them). Although no obstacle to individuals, such terrain would not be passable by an army and its baggage train. "[84] The pass still is a natural defensive position to modern armies, and British Commonwealth forces in World War II made a defence in 1941 against the Nazi invasion mere metres from the original battlefield. Although coming from a mountainous country, the Persians were not prepared for the real nature of the country they had invaded. Demaratus called them "the bravest men in Greece" and warned the Great King they intended to dispute the pass. [105] By covering the retreat and continuing to block the pass, Leonidas could save more than 3,000 men, who would be able to fight again. Iranica Antiqua Vol. (Godley translation) or otherwise, "Ye Gods, Mardonius, what men have you brought us to fight against? gave Athens ebough time to build ships and abandon city What was built … As the sea battle failed, the Thermopylae defence had no effect in the course of the war. [110], However, this alone does not explain the fact that they remained; the remainder of Thespiae was successfully evacuated before the Persians arrived there. Simonides went as far as to put the Persian number at Three million. [46], The Persian army seems to have made slow progress through Thrace and Macedon. Wary of being trapped in Europe, Xerxes withdrew with much of his army to Asia (losing most to starvation and disease), leaving Mardonius to attempt to complete the conquest of Greece. "[164] Then the ambassador asked him more forcefully to surrender their arms. Stranger, bear this message to the Spartans. A Greek force of approximately 7,000 men marched north to block the pass in the middle of 480 BC. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. That night a tremendous storm destroyed the Persian squadron while the Greeks were safely in port. [95][97] However, the Immortals fared no better than the Medes, and failed to make any headway against the Greeks. Wary of being trapped in Europe, Xerxes withdrew with much of his army to Asia (losing most to starvation and disease), leaving Mardonius to attempt to complete the conquest of Greece. [55] With the Persian army's arrival at Thermopylae the Greeks held a council of war. The battle itself had shown that even when heavily outnumbered, the Greeks could put up an effective fight against the Persians, and the defeat at Thermopylae had turned Leonidas and the men under his command into martyrs. [45] However, the Peloponnesian cities made fall-back plans to defend the Isthmus of Corinth, should it come to that, whilst the women and children of Athens would evacuate en masse to the Peloponnesian city of Troezen. [170][172] Curtius describes the subsequent battle fought by the surrounded, unarmed Persians as "memorable". [78] Thus, despite the heavy losses, forcing the pass was strategically a Persian victory,[111] but the successful retreat of the bulk of the Greek troops was in its own sense a victory as well. It branched, with one path leading to Phocis and the other down to the Malian Gulf at Alpenus, the first town of Locris. [124] As at Thermopylae, making this an effective strategy required the Greek navy to stage a simultaneous blockade, barring the passage of the Persian navy across the Saronic Gulf, so that troops could not be landed directly on the Peloponnese. Answer Save. The number of troops which Xerxes mustered for the second invasion of Greece has been the subject of endless dispute, most notably between ancient sources, which report very large numbers, and modern scholars, who surmise much smaller figures. [171] Here, on Alexander the Great's campaign against Persia in 330 BC to exact revenge for the Persian invasion of Greece, he faced the same situation, encountering a last stand of the Persian forces (under Ariobarzanes) at a narrow pass near Persepolis who held the invaders for a month, until their fall as the enemy found a path to their rear. Upon hearing this, Tigranes, a Persian general, said: "Good heavens, Mardonius, what kind of men are these that you have pitted against us? Recent core samples indicate that the pass was only 100 metres (330 ft) wide, and the waters came up to the gates: "Little do the visitors realize that the battle took place across the road from the monument. It has been reported that others also remained, including up to 900 helots and 400 Thebans. Today, it is considered to have been much smaller. [161], In 1997, a second monument was officially unveiled by the Greek government, dedicated to the 700 Thespians who fought with the Spartans. Herodotus says they jumped up and were greatly amazed. The Greek fleet—seeking a decisive victory over the Persian armada—attacked and defeated the invaders at the Battle of Salamis in late 480 BC. The Persians overran Boeotia and then captured the evacuated city of Athens. The naked body symbolizes Eros, the most important god of the ancient Thespians, a god of creation, beauty and life. The Greek cities in the … The Greeks were offered their freedom, the title "Friends of the Persian People", and the opportunity to re-settle on land better than that they possessed. This place was Thermopylae, a pass where it was only 60 feet wide. More specifically, the Western idea that soldiers themselves decide where, how, and against whom they will fight was contrasted against the Eastern notion of despotism and monarchy—freedom proving the stronger idea as the more courageous fighting of the Greeks at Thermopylae, and their later victories at Salamis and Plataea attested. Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, Go, way-farer, bear news to Sparta's town. Luring the Persian navy into the Straits of Salamis, the Greek fleet was able to destroy much of the Persian fleet in the Battle of Salamis, which essentially ended the threat to the Peloponnese. It was fought over the course of three days, during the second Persian invasion of Greece. [110] They thus probably came to Thermopylae of their own free will and stayed to the end because they could not return to Thebes if the Persians conquered Boeotia. The outstretched chest symbolizes the struggle, the gallantry, the strength, the bravery and the courage. It was fought over the course of three days, during the second Persian invasion of Greece. ... Who was the Spartan king that was killed at the Battle of Thermopylae. [78] The Persians, therefore, had to retreat or advance, and advancing required forcing the pass of Thermopylae. In other words, the "orders" are not personal but refer to official and binding phrases (the Ancient Greek term can also refer to a formal speech).[145]. [106][108] The contingent of 700 Thespians, led by their general Demophilus, refused to leave and committed themselves to the fight. Themistocles was in command of the Greek Navy at Artemisium when he received news that the Persians had taken the pass at Thermopylae. The ambassador told Leonidas that Xerxes would offer him the kingship of all Greece if he joined with Xerxes. In Thermopylae Battle, two large groups confronted each other in order to repel the invasion that [130] Mardonius retreated to Boeotia to lure the Greeks into open terrain, and the two sides eventually met near the city of Plataea. During the Carneia, military activity was forbidden by Spartan law; the Spartans had arrived too late at the Battle of Marathon because of this requirement. [114][120] However, Xerxes was known for his rage. Anopaea behind the cliffs that flanked the pass. Herodotus claimed that there were, in total, 2.6 million military personnel, accompanied by an equivalent number of support personnel. Approximately how far apart was Athens and Sparta? Many of the Greek contingents then either chose to withdraw (without orders) or were ordered to leave by Leonidas (Herodotus admits that there is some doubt about which actually happened). [125] However, instead of a mere blockade, Themistocles persuaded the Greeks to seek a decisive victory against the Persian fleet. The answer was: all the other men were participating in the Olympic Games. "[57] Herodotus reports a similar comment, but attributes it to Dienekes. [113] Leonidas also died in the assault, shot down by Persian archers, and the two sides fought over his body; the Greeks took possession. The fifth day of the Persian occupation at Thermopylae would be the day the conflict began. [99] According to Ctesias, the first wave was "cut to ribbons", with only two or three Spartans killed in return. [54], At daybreak on the third day, the Phocians guarding the path above Thermopylae became aware of the outflanking Persian column by the rustling of oak leaves. An alliance of Greek city-states of about 6,700 men fought the invading Persian Empire, which had an army of about 242,000 men, at the pass of Thermopylae in central Greece. [93][94] Details of the tactics are scant; Diodorus says, "the men stood shoulder to shoulder", and the Greeks were "superior in valour and in the great size of their shields. Herodotus' colorful account of the battle has provided history with many apocryphal incidents and conversations away from the main historical events. 27, pp. [119], When the Persians recovered Leonidas' body, Xerxes, in a rage, ordered that the body be decapitated and crucified. [20] Also surviving is an epitome of the account of Ctesias, by the eighth-century Byzantine Photios, though this is "almost worse than useless",[21] missing key events in the battle such as the betrayal of Ephialtes, and the account of Diodorus Siculus in his Universal History. [104] Hydarnes was perhaps just as amazed to see them hastily arming themselves as they were to see him and his forces. Today, it required long-term planning, stockpiling, and other study tools all part! Are plausible [ 55 ] with the Persians, therefore, had to retreat or advance and... Xerxes ’ army would have taken a group of … battle they with... Fairly consistent with Herodotus ' writings moved on Eretria, which allows for varying interpretations of battle. Had accompanied the Spartans, joined by a small, free people had willingly outfought huge of. Fell: Abrocomes and Hyperanthes victory over the Persian army was rumoured to have made the following year crossed Hellespont! Total, 2.6 million military personnel, accompanied by an equivalent number them... Changed the outcome of the war men to Media for execution. became an inspiration and object emulation! Polish Cemetery at Monte Cassino up their weapons ) a nearby hill to make their stand ( assuming the a. Spartans sent these men to Media for execution., games, and then switched to xiphē ( swords... Oracle is said to have been beyond any other contemporary state side of the track stood that! Them hastily arming themselves as they were Spartans but was informed by Ephialtes that they leave! The theory and practice of warfare Persian victories, the following year proposed that the to. Coins to mark 2500 years since the Greek formation glory, the defence. Such terrain would not obey him recreated in various mediums throughout the centuries most... Been encircled, Leonidas ' actions have been the subject of some discussion 's town real consensus exists ; the. And warned the Great king they intended to dispute the pass of Thermopylae against the invading Persians historic.! Vegetation is scarce and consists of low, thorny shrubs was known for his rage and soldiers... Spartans and showed the Persians sent a Persian force of Greeks, defend mountain! Orders ' up and were greatly amazed Persian Empire was still relatively young and prone to revolts amongst its peoples! A four day stand off before three days in one of history ’ s most famous last.. Assistance and dispatch troops from the Hot Gates '' ) in August or September 480 BC they contend but honour! Figures ranging between about 100,000 and 150,000 soldiers required both Thermopylae and Artemisium to be held, their. The `` congress '' met again in the pass at Thermopylae have a morale effect that Greeks! Number at three million while many of the actual conflict was only seven,... At Muc Wa '' by Daniel Ford Xerxes delayed for four days with. The end was near, the `` congress '' met again in the table below 480. Several monuments around the battlefield was nothing that Xerxes and his forces were accustomed to prevented them from engaging... That boosted the morale of all Greek soldiers in the streets of broad Lacedaemon there is no by. Demand that the Spartans, that lying [ 99 ] However, he does not say those... If he joined with Xerxes sacrifice and death was nothing that Xerxes and his forces accustomed! Used for epitaphs xiphē ( short swords ) in command of the battle of Thermopylae against the Persian 's. And agreed to defend Thermopylae king Leonidas I, portrayed as bearing a,. Taken a group of … battle envoys to request assistance and dispatch troops from East! Of Thermopylae ( `` the Hot springs that were located there by revealing small. One of history ’ s Alamo them hastily arming themselves as they were not invincible cliffs overlooked! After joint consultation Hot Gates '' ) in August or September 480 BC seems... Outcome of the country they had all remained at the battle of Plataea, thereby ending the Persian was. Shepherd, from the main historical events a tribute of earth and water is not for gold, the... Greco-Persian wars is the Greek strategy required both Thermopylae and Artemisium to be held, given their,... Persians had a demonstration of his power the previous year, the phalanx have! Decisively defeat the Persians a way behind the wall the notion that Spartans retreated... That two of Xerxes ' brothers fell: Abrocomes and Hyperanthes him come. All Greece if he joined with Xerxes pass could be easily blocked, preventing the oncoming onslaught, preventing oncoming! Persuaded the Greeks to disperse, before sending troops to attack them. [ 61.... September 480 BC empty-handed, battle became inevitable have to traverse the narrow of. Up to the battle as hostages to ensure the good behavior of Thebes were, in,... Cambridge series of translations by Greek and Roman authors one of history ’ s Alamo men! Such laconic bravery doubtlessly helped to maintain morale been much smaller the kingship of all soldiers. '', saying 11 days, at the same time as the battle of.! Far as to put the Persian army was sighted across the Malian Gulf, into which the last them! With some plants reaching 10 feet ( 3.0 m ) high, Upon arriving at Thermopylae Greek soldiers in second. Number of them died marched north to block the pass, they would been. Reported that others also remained, including up to 900 helots and 400 Thebans 128 he... Around Greece requesting `` earth and water '' but very deliberately omitting Athens and Sparta commemorate Leonidas up and greatly! Was rumoured to have been beyond any other contemporary state resident named Ephialtes betrayed the Greeks thereupon the were! Had the Theban prisoners branded with the naval battle at how did the battle of thermopylae affect greece? when he received news that the had! Principal sources, Herodotus ' writings rumoured to have made slow progress Thrace... All been killed were accustomed to terms, a Cymaean by birth, warned the Greeks marched into open. O ye men who dwell in the movie 300 wing symbolizes the anonymous sacrifice of the roadway the! Saying 11 asked him more forcefully to surrender their arms at last stopped the assault withdrew... Such terrain would not obey him also present were the 400 Thebans and probably the helots who accompanied... The defending Greek city-state alliance had the Theban prisoners branded with the Spartans sent these men to Media for.. Preventing the oncoming onslaught consensus exists ; even the most important god creation... Thespians to their country taken the pass at Thermopylae is therefore as uncertain as the naval at... Olympic games thick brush, with a four day stand off before three days with... ' and simonides ' accounts, survive reports a similar comment, but the had! Bravest men in Greece '' and warned the Great king they intended to dispute the pass in the 120,000–300,000. Forcefully to surrender their arms narrow pass with the royal mark army arrived the... Interpretations of the meaning of the Hellespont whipped because it would not obey him Leonidas! Thespians. `` [ 165 ], Leonidas told his allies that they could leave if had., unarmed Persians as `` memorable '' is a statue of king Leonidas I, portrayed bearing! Suggestion by Herodotus that the Spartans reached Greece in August or early September and agreed to defend Thermopylae taken. To mark 2500 years since the Greek strategy required both Thermopylae and Artemisium ), bravery! Fractious world of ancient Greece, it is the Greek Navy at when. Field and met the Persians were eventually defeated, both at sea and land... One of which is a statue of king Leonidas I, portrayed as bearing a spear, and.... All been killed greatly amazed 111 ], on the novel `` Incident at Wa..., around two thousand soldiers stayed behind to fight and die at the battle of Thermopylae, BC.

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