He took a turn for the worse only a few hours later, with his whole body and face swelling, his features becoming almost unrecognisable. They did this by comparing the DNA from the preserved heart of the boy with the DNA from known samples of Marie Antoinette's hair. On 10 August 1793, on order of the National Convention during the Reign of Terror, his tomb was desecrated, together with those of the kings and queens of France, members of the royal family, high dignitaries, and abbots.[2]. Prince, Dauphin. Meanwhile at Meudon, at strange atmosphere took over. His family fled Versailles during the French Revolution. The latter hardly left her apartment. Once the King had left, Mademoiselle de Lislebonne and Mademoiselle de Melun, her friends, ushered her to a carriage en route to Paris. Relationships. Louis Joseph died at the age of seven from tuberculosis and was succeeded as Dauphin by his four-year-old brother Louis Charles. Louis of France (Louis Ferdinand; 4 September 1729 – 20 December 1765) was the only surviving son of King Louis XV of France and his wife, Marie Leszczyńska. As the sun set over Meudon, Monseigneur’s condition became increasingly alarming. Louis XVI (23 August 1754 – 21 January 1793) was the King of France from 1774 until 1792, when the monarchy was abolished during the French Revolution. As son of a king of France, he was a fils de France ("Child of France"). Louis Joseph Xavier François de France, son of King Louis XVI of France and his wife Queen Marie Antoinette, was born at the Palace of Versailles. The King was at supper. The meeting with the priest left quite the impression on him and the same evening, as he spoke with Monsieur Boudin, his physician, the Dauphin said it would not surprise him at all if he were to fall ill with smallpox now. Only the members of court and the royal family who already had smallpox were allowed to enter the sick chamber in order to pay their respects. Apr 11, 2012 - Louis Joseph, Dauphin of France was the second child and first son of King Louis XVI of France and Marie Antoinette, he died at age eight of a quick illness In the same year, Louis Joseph's education was turned over to men, as was customary for the sons of the kings of France. However, Fagon assured the King that it was nothing serious or to worry about. The Dauphin rose as usual, planning to go wolf-hunting, but as he was dressing a sudden dizzy feeling and weakness hit him. Louis had no children; he died aged 10 in 1795. Wikipedia. Top Answer . He was the paternal grandfather of Louis XV. Louis Joseph Xavier François de France was born at the Palace of Versailles on 22 October 1781. As the heir apparent to the throne, he was the Dauphin of France. The one of his only son, the person supposed to become King as Louis XV after him, was particularly awful. ), Your email address will not be published. Allrights reserved. The same day, a deputation of herring-selling market-women from Paris arrived at Meudon. Early life and education “It is not time yet, my poor girls” replied the Dauphin. He was named the Duke of Normandy at the time of his birth while his older brother, Louis Joseph, was the dauphin of France. He was named after his maternal uncle, Joseph II. He felt a little better. In … Louis Joseph died at age seven of tuberculosis and was succeeded as Dauphin de France by his four-year-old brother Louis Charles. Willed to remain there until his son had recovered. Louis XIV did not pay the decency visit to Mademoiselle de Choin, he believed Madame de Maintenon had done it on his behalf, but Madame de Maintenon only forwarded some polite excuses to Mademoiselle de Choin. She was in her attic rooms, hidden away as usual, and only was made aware of the Dauphin’s demise as the cries of despair echoed to her. As son of a king of France, he was a fils de France ("Son of France"). On June 8, 1795, their son, the Dauphin and the boy royalists had named Louis XVII, died at … On April 8 in 1711, Wednesday in Easter week, Monseigneur, as the Dauphin was called, left the château de Versailles for his own residence, the chateau de Meudon. (Golly, this is like Beth in Little Women! As the son of the king, he was a Fils de France (Son of France). Friday 16 August 2013 21:15 Scientists have cracked one of France's most enduring mysteries, finding that a disease-ridden boy who died in a Paris prison more than 200 … So much that Louis XIV was not even informed his son had taken a turn for the worse. He was always praised for being a very bright child for his age; however, it soon became apparent that he was of fragile health. Hardly able to speak anymore himself, Monseigneur uttered some sort of quick confession and received absolution from the cure. His sous-gouverneur was the Maréchal de camp Antoine Charles Augustin d'Allonville. He visited his son several times a day, held his councils and worked with his ministers. Around April 1784, when he was three years old, Louis Joseph had a series of high fevers. Louis Joseph died at the age of seven from tuberculosis and was succeeded as Dauphin de France by his four-year-old brother Louis Charles.

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