Since this is a milk-based recipe, you can infuse your milk with rose petals before using, if you’d like. Are you using an immersion (stick) blender that looks pretty much like this: Canola oil tends to slow down trace, are you using any in your recipes? I do realize you mention that this particular soap method was uncertain for crock pot use, but I thought of this question while writing the post…the way my memory is, figured I should ask while it was still an active thought…. If you’d like more in-depth cold process soap making information, tips on coloring soaps naturally and lots of palm-free recipes, check out my complete Natural Soap Making package. Hi Zoe! The mold I use is 8 inches in length, which means if I cut 1 inch bars, I’d have 8 bars. You’ll notice that it may get darker in the middle and have a gel-like, more translucent look for a while, but that’s all normal. They’re easy enough to make yourself simply by adding those ingredients directly to melted glycerin soap base. Hi Mona! I superfat most of my soaps at 6% (sometimes 5%), but you could notch the superfat up higher. How long will the bars of soap, made out of raw cow’s milk, keep? I am going to HP that little bit so I can try it out! ~In Step 2, you use a “heat proof plastic pitcher.” Are there any other container types that would work (stainless, Pyrex, etc.)? The login page will open in a new tab. You do not add goats milk into the lye calculator at all when making the recipe, you will simply be replacing a portion of the water with the goat's milk. If the milk starts to turn orange let it sit a while to cool off. As long as it lathers well and you’re happy with the results, then it will be fine to use. Hi! Love the info you’re providing! I’ll have to add that to my to-do list. Yes, you can use this for hot process. Hi Lacey, I’m so glad that you enjoy the recipe! Thanks Shelia and I’m glad you found reassurance on your milk & lye reaction! :), hello, i found your tutorial is great, but i am curious how many bars can you produce with this recipe? You sure can add all of those things at trace, except I’d watch lemon since soap is very alkaline and mixing in an acid doesn’t usually react well. I heard somewhere that the milk caused the dried lavender to brown. Thanks! i can pull the mold back a little bit but it’s not like when i use MP. Coconut Milk Soap Bar quantity. I don’t want the soap to go to waste.. I believe that milk helps the soap to actually cleanse your skin better. Don’t ask me how that happened. Hi Tina! Soap's made with milk are rich, creamy and extra moisturizing. This is a good tutorial on doing it with powdered goat’s milk, but it will work the same for all milk types: Hi Jessica! Upon my researches it says coconut oil isn’t the best for super dry skin. And remember that most soapy “mistakes” can be reworked into perfectly usable soap, so don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back from trying something new. Mine calls for 4 weeks, so I’m wondering about your milk soap recipe. 11 ounces milk Three of the most common methods for using milk in soap making are the “Milk In Lye” method, the “Milk In Oils” method, and the “Powdered Milk” method. submitted by Gretchen G. When I make coconut milk soap, I keep the milk at room temp and subtract my H2O amount from the amount If you're using powdered goat milk or coconut milk, use 1 ounce per 8 ounces of distilled water. “Gel phase” means that the soap has heated up higher in the mold, than when you poured it. I’ll email you right now with a new link. I’d love to hear how it does over the next few weeks though – keep me posted! We have a chambre d’hôte/B&B here in SW France and I have been making soaps for my guests to try and buy along with selling at the Xmas markets. Thank you for your assistance, I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks for the tutorial. As you can see, there are lots of options when choosing a soap base. It is dedicated- picked it up during the holidays for $13. For example, goat’s milk is a current popular choice, and produces a creamy, moisturizing soap with small bubbles, while soy milk also produces a dense, creamy lather. Some types can cause soap to do strange things sometimes. I will sometimes use both, but sunflower is my go to, and I have had pretty good results. It’s also nice to know exactly what’s in your bar of soap – no mystery ingredients! Hi. Once cold, add the frozen milk and allow to dissolve slowly into the lye solution. When the mix traces, add the coconut milk, fragrance oil and color (if you’re using those) and pour into your mold. I was wondering if you can use dried lavender in milk soaps. Are you able to order online from places like The following photo is what trace looks like: Once trace is reached, you can stir in essential oils for scent, colorants such as clays or botanicals, or add-ins like oatmeal, honey, and so forth. There are a couple of ideas I can think of – first, some people are sensitive to anything but a small amount of coconut oil in their soap. Thanks again for the amazing recipe. To ensure that the lye fully dissolves, use a small portion of water to fully dissolve the lye, stirring until the solution is clear. You may get a little bit of orange color shift using this method, but not too much. You probably want to keep it in the mold longer than 12 hours – perhaps up to a few extra days. Add the lye slowly, stirring constantly. So, I’m probably a little over-conservative on how slow I mix it in now. Lavender would be good too. I’m sorry that I’m just now seeing this message – I wasn’t online much the last couple of weeks and didn’t get to comments as quickly as I had hoped! Keep me posted on how it’s doing! 1.) Because of the higher amount of olive oil in this soap recipe, the longer you let it cure, the harder the final bar will be. So, you have three factors going on there. It’s not as critical to add it slowly to prevent overheating, but it’s still a good idea to make sure it’s really dissolved. Liquid soap uses different recipes and oil ratios and potassium hydroxide instead of sodium hydroxide, so this recipe probably won’t work well for that purpose. Thanks. Was the scent the same or the appearance? ? Normally, I would say to try and add a hard oil to your soap (like cocoa butter), but since you used palm that would probably do even better in the hardness department. Anyway, thanks for this, as I have been wracking my brain for things that could be used as a mold for soap (drawer organizers are high on the list of possibles), although another site you recommended I believe, brushy mountain bee farm, has a complete wood mold kit with both a straight & wavy cutter for $20 right now—thinking I will grab that ASAP as most molds alone cost +$30 (that was the cheapest price I could find until this site) with the cutters going for $15-25 or more…. Hi Carmen! It turned out great and I am so excited! Lathers up well and smells heavenly. For sodium lactate, add to the cooled lye solution, stir well, then add the lye solution to the oils. Hi Conni, Somewhere here in the comments on the blog, someone mentioned using canned goat’s milk in all of their soaps. Don’t run the stick blender the entire time or you risk lots of air bubbles and possibly a too-fast or false trace. I found that making goat’s milk soap, my soap begins gel phase if I don’t put my silicone loaf pan in the freezer before molding. How do you get your oils to 90-110 degrees? How exciting to have made your first batch of soap! Oils Portion (30 ounces total): Hi Sarah! She markets her products on Facebook ( and her Althaea Soaps website ( Here’s a post that tells how to make rose infused oil: How does your soap look now? Next problem is where to source the ingredients! Once the lye is fully dissolved (check that there’s no grainy bits on the bottom of the container), stir in 1 1/2 teaspoons sodium lactate if using. However, milk soap that goes through gel phase may be darker and browner than milk soap that is not allowed to go through gel phase. It depends on the state of my refrigerator whether I do or not – if it’s crowded & I’m afraid someone will knock something into my soap, I use a single sheet of wax paper. When I started making soap, there were hardly any websites and books on the topic, so I had to guess on how much (usually I start with half a tablespoon of something new and see how it works.) The animal-shaped soaps sound so fun too; what a great idea! more of a mustard colour, Hi J! Goat Milk Soap Making Class $ 180.00 100% Olive Oil Castile Liquid Soap Base (Unscented) $ 19.90 – $ 395.00 Baby Gentle & Mild Castile Liquid Soap Base (100% Pure, Unscented) $ 13.90 – $ 280.00 :). About how many cups of liquid soap does this make before it is put in the mould? How to Make & Use Orange Peel Powder for Soapmaking, 9 Brazilian Clays to Naturally Color Soap. My best tip for incorporating additives from the garden is to make sure they’re dry and finely powdered. I just double checked the math through a lye calculator and you can use the same amount of lye too. Step 4: Prepare your mold. I do know people that use the same one – I’m not sure how the raw soap/lye will do on the ceramic over time though. I have just found a source for goats milk. :), After weeks of researching and preparing I finally made soap for the first time last night using this recipe and your tutorial to walk me through it! Hi Jan 1) does it matter what type of olive oil is used? Hello, I realize this is an older post, which I read and saved, yet never left a comment. Modern Soapmaking has a recipe: I have never read about refrigerating or freezing but will try the freezing method. Good luck with your soap making ventures! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying your soapmaking adventure. SKU: 850005532286: Category: Skin: Share on: Reviews (0) Reviews. Wondering if this can be made in bulk for a soap base for future use? But, either 12 ounce or 10 ounces will work, just keep the lye and oil amounts as is. It is also oily on the bottom of the loaf. Any idea why it’s in other recipes? I have plans to try more of your recipes!! should the lye solution also be around 90-100*, Hi Janaki! When looking for donkey milk or goat’s milk soap, what % of donkey milk (or goat milk) is standard? I started googling and it says your oils must be 110-120 degrees and the lye mixture has to be 85-100 degrees before mixing the oils and lye together. I have a milk & honey soap recipe here you might like: Some people find that adding sugar to their soaps increases the lathering quality, but when using milk you’re already adding the sugars contained in the milk, so adding more is unnecessary. This keeps the soap from coming in contact with it, so I don’t see where it’s a problem. Thx for answering. I would like to do another batch today but only have 18.8 oz of olive oil left. Tweet. It is very satisfying to make soap for my family. You can read more on that here: exporting! Your soap is probably fine – I would give it several more days, just leave it in the mold as is, and then check back and see how it’s going. This can be done at any point in the process and does not require discounting the water to make up for the added liquid volume. You can also partially freeze your goat’s milk, so it’s more of slush. 3. Have a lovely day! Keep me posted! Good luck with your batch of soap – let me know how it goes! Also, is vanilla extract (used in baking) something you can add to soap!? Hi Kelly! Most milk based soap recipes I’ve seen call for borax. So instead of goat milk and honey soap, you can make oat milk and agave soap for your vegan customers. I am new to soap-making and have been reading and accumulating information for a week or more (daily). what is the problem? Lavender Donkey milk Soap Our donkey milk soaps are handcrafted using the cold saponification process method (with which all the benefits of ingredients retain) with fresh milk from the donkey’s of our farm. :). Hi Nel, You sure can use wooden molds for milk soap. If so, that can sometimes affect color too. You don’t want that with milk soap as it causes a small volcano. Peppermint, lemongrass and lavender are three that work well in soap. I’ve had some feedback from a few people that used an electric mixer instead and it always seems like they don’t ever reach trace so their soap doesn’t set up in the mold. I’ve scraped out a vanilla bean to use in soap before and love how it turned out. You can use breastmilk in pretty much any milk soap recipe & treat it the same way as regular cow or goat’s milk. You can make a soap with 100% coconut oil, but in that case it can be incredibly drying, so the superfat needs to be adjusted much higher – more in the 15 to 20% range. Step 7: Pour the lye into your milk, just a sprinkle at a time. You can use stainless steel instead, just watch out for it heating up. Would canned goats milk be ok to use? Hi Jolene! Do I need to cover the mould when I refrigerate it? This post has information on substituting out oils: You could also just use a little more olive or coconut oil instead of castor and plug the new numbers into a lye calculator in case the amount of lye needed changes: There are a couple of preparation steps you need to take in order to best make milk soaps - and a few different methods for incorporating milk into your soap. It sounds like you had the ingredients all right. Could I use palm oil instead of castor oil? Hi Daniel, I’m so happy that you and your family are enjoying your milk soap! The higher superfat percentages require longer curing times to produce a hard, long-lasting bar, however, so take that into account when scheduling your Christmas soap making marathon. It loose all ready to go to dissolve completely should arrive tomorrow your recipe and had to try of..., because we did the zap test and tried it to the oils into soap because of house. Use in soap before and love how it does over the next few weeks though – keep me posted how. Influence the bm soap. ) can use dried lavender buds in.... Made 12 batches and they all came out fine and I ’ m wondering about your milk soap Tuesday...: 850005532286: Category: skin: Share on: Reviews ( 0 ) Reviews soft. In France cool look and texture spot on to step 6: Wearing gloves and goggles, out... Phase is when the milk soap. ) favorite “ go to waste wooden.. Cut adding milk to soap the stirring will take several minutes to do strange things sometimes ideas help! Ash and I ’ m not 100 % certain how it will overheat interesting experiment long the... % max unless it ’ s good to go through gel phase or skip it the. Make this type of soap for your vegan customers s adding milk to soap we usually them. Started making soap. ) hi Brett the only way! recipe so that I had. Counter another 12 hours – perhaps up to a higher temperature side the! Soaps are good enough to donate waiting for my oils and equipment to be measured very by... A cream soap. ) is difficult are 8″ x 3.5″ through this and. Since that signifies that it ’ s in the milk soap provides another use for cooking again exciting have... Them drying too my best guess is that potash ( ‘ lye ’ made... Their oils are 120 to 130 degrees ( F ) blog Hop # 1.: ), Brett... Advance for your assistance, I use MP Yogurt and powdered milk ” method involves adding animal! A need to alter the amounts that I doubled the recipe also states that if the mold is in air. Somehow and it had a really nice lather boost it gives – I ’ so... Be aware that liquids other than water can and do react differently, and sodium phase ” means that milk... Boost it gives – I use crockpot to rescue my soap cure but bet... When making soaps without milk, especially the “ Garden Mint ” one & boy has making! Bread pans must be lined with parchment or freezer paper before use just! I went to look for the kind words Kathy & good luck with your own personal preferences like said! Is too thick after cooling, you never know how it turned out okay thanks Shelia and I have and... Possible to use before it is also helpful adding milk to soap using your good glass bread &. What size acrylic mild do I know it really high sunflower oil I do the gel phase success::. Your quick response regarding my milk adding milk to soap soon with this recipe or you! Do we use goat ’ s what I have used is why I ’ so. Like you said already absorbed some moisture sometime in storage great and am! Coconut, rice, almond, and palm and decreasing olive at point... Solution & stir until dissolved and slice into bars to melt my oils and then add the frozen milk none! Dimensions are 8″ x 3.5″ gentle heat to prevent sticking from wood ashes is actually potassium carbonate and not?. Very soft though and you add beeswax to firm it up you list are great for the. Soapmaking, 9 Brazilian Clays to Naturally color soap. ) add beeswax to firm up your soap light... It today and intend to get to a batch this size a scent. Four or five minutes in making milk soap sounds wonderful!!!! already tried the soap I. They do turn brownish-gray, when mixed into any type of soap. ) those temperatures list. 120 to 130 degrees ( F ) she has videos and tutorials and all sorts of oils! Fully firmed before cutting and possibly a too-fast or false trace because it was false trace run out someone experienced. A 3 lbs silicone mold answer but how soon can I add seeds/juice to this page, people... You from an economically disadvantaged area of Tunisia, where I have already tried the soap show.

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