Vaccalluzzo Events

Since the end of the eighteen hundred, the Vaccalluzzo Family created the art of pyrotechnic art “made in Sicily”, establishing an actual “fire culture” that over time evolved into the execution of world renowned pyrotechnic and pyromusical shows of award winning elegance and grandiosity. Every event is nothing less than a theatrical staging where nothing is left to chance, from the music to the set elements, baroque fires and water fountains, from colours to shapes. Everything is carefully studied, also through the use of the most advanced design systems enabling to virtually build the shows prior to staging them, to constantly increase the safety of this art form and bring elegant, highly expressive and unique performances on stage. From the combination of show and fireworks, the union between Sicilian tradition and innovation, the organization of major international events, events bearing the Vaccalluzzo signature, have become a vector for the promotion and propagation of the pyrotechnic culture across the world.