Marella Ferrera

Marella Ferrera, designer and founder of WE Concept together with Carlotta Patti, draws inspiration from her home land to incarnate the beauty project, unique as her creations rich in tradition and sophisticated elegance. From 1993 she is known as the Fashion experimenter, from processing innovative materials and transforming them into textiles. She also earned the title of the Couturier of Princesses: in 1994 HRH Mafalda di Savoia was married to Alessandro Ruffo di Calabria wearing a gown from the Maison Marella Ferrera at what was defined “the wedding of the year”.
World ambassador of a cultured and refined Sicily, Marella Ferrera becomes the point of reference in Italy, Europe, and other continents for all brides that over the years have had the opportunity of admiring her creations.