La Torre Catering

Founded over twenty years ago, La Torre catering immediately became a landmark in the catering and banqueting services sector also beyond Sicilian borders. La Torre is known for the meticulous care for clients, always finding the best solutions and customizing them to match their expectations. The sophisticated originality of menus, the quality of food products, the perfect wine and food combinations, the qualified staff, the setups and the elegance of detail, are the company’s guidelines guaranteeing a perfect outcome of the event, making it unforgettable. The main mission of La Torre catering is “making our clients’ dreams come true and extending that happiness to all their guests”. La Torre catering is among Italy’s most efficient and qualified organizations, acknowledged by prestigious awards including, ‘King of Services 2012’, ‘King of catering Silver 2013’ and the ‘Arte del gusto International’ Milano 2016 award.