Much more than an island

No place is like Sicily. There is no other place where sea waves talk about stories from long ago. 

Where antique Greeks, Romans, Normans, Byzantines, Arabs and Spaniards resound in perfect harmony. Where emotions are more animated and passions more sweeping. In Sicily every city, person, rock, grain of sand, appear to have been placed there for our pleasure, every time. 

The volcanic fire, the deep blue sea, the magnificence of the Baroque style, the smaller islands. If you are looking for a unique setting to organize your event, Sicily is the perfect destination.

The enchanting atmosphere
The famous Sicilian writer Leonardo Sciascia wrote: “After all, what is life if not a dream made in Sicily?”
WE Concept Partners are Sicilian and each one is very passionate about their homeland. They are experts in secular traditions, in folklore, and in delicious recipes from a cuisine that is the combination of the strikingly different dominations that make Sicily’s history. They are the only ones capable of recreating all of the islands’ beauty for you and your guests. With unparalleled charm and style, in the splendour of Sicilian scenarios or, if you prefer, in any other city.
“After all, what is life if not a dream Made in Sicily?”